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JUNK ENSEMBLE the work Dublin Fringe Festival, Mermaid Arts Centre, Belfast International Arts Festival
Soldier Still
Dublin Fringe Festival, Mermaid Arts Centre, Belfast International Arts Festival

Soldier Still is about violence. A new dance theatre work that blends movement, text, music, real stories and real people, creating a harrowing tale of beauty and brutality. A cast of Irish and international dancers and former soldiers collaborate with an exceptional creative team to explore the viciousness, the vulnerability and the trauma of violence. Previous Artists-in-Residence at Tate Britain, award-winning Junk Ensemble have built a reputation in Ireland as dance innovators.

Concept, direction and choreography: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy
in collaboration with the cast

Set Design: Sabine Dargent
Lighting Design: Sarah Jane Shiels
Composition: Denis Clohessy
Costume Design: Sarah Foley
Dramaturgy: Gary Keegan

Performers: Dr Tom Clonan, Geir Hytten, Lucia Kickham, Julie Koenig, Fernando Balsera Pita

8- 14 September Dublin Fringe Festival 2017 at Project Arts Centre
16 September Mermaid Arts Centre, Wicklow
17 + 18 October Belfast International Arts Festival at The MAC

Producer: Michelle Cahill
Production Manager: Adrian Mullan
Stage Manager: Barry O’Donovan
Design for Dance Intern: Félicie Barbey

Funded by The Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaíon. A co-production with Mermaid Arts Centre and Project Arts Centre. Supported by Dance Ireland and Dance Base Edinburgh. Junk Ensemble are Project Artists at Project Arts Centre.

JUNK ENSEMBLE the work As part of Dublin Dance Festival's Embodied for GPO: Witness History Commission
Walking Pale
As part of Dublin Dance Festival's Embodied for GPO: Witness History Commission

Exploring rebellion and failure, Walking Pale investigates the idea of the 'radical female’ and how women are perceived in Ireland. This sits alongside the concept of new Ireland - of what the country represents now, and what it was expected to be. Walking Pale originally performed in The GPO's Lightwell as part of Embodied with five female choreographers in April 2016 to commemorate the Easter Rising centenary.

Concept and choreography: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy
Performers: Olwen Fouéré, Raymond Scannell
Composition: Raymond Scannell
Lighting Design: Sinead McKenna

'Choreographers Megan and Jessica Kennedy collaborate with the formidable Olwen Fouéré to craft a simple, yet profoundly moving piece. Here the privileged position of the silent spectator is called into question as they look down from above on the warrior like Fouéré, like some gladiatorial Sisyphus trapped in her cage, greasing her shoulders before dragging her spoon laden cloak endlessly through the gravel... Stunning.' Examiner *****

JUNK ENSEMBLE the work Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016, Mayfest Bristol 2016, The Abbey Theatre on the Peacock Stage as part of Tiger Dublin Fringe 2015
It Folds
Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016, Mayfest Bristol 2016, The Abbey Theatre on the Peacock Stage as part of Tiger Dublin Fringe 2015

Fusing the highly distinctive choreography of Junk Ensemble with the innovative theatricality of Brokentalkers, It Folds offers a poignant and humorous portrait of life in a modern city and the tragicomic events that shape our everyday lives. Featuring a cast of strangers brought together to perform a series of physical tasks, texts and songs, It Folds takes a surreal look at an assortment of characters who attempt to find a connection through their shared humanity.

Created by: Feidlim Cannon, Gary Keegan, Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy
in collaboration with the cast

Lighting and Visual Design: Sarah Jane Shiels
Composition: Denis Clohessy
Costume Design and Design Assistant: Louise Brady
Choral Director: Ruaidhrí Ó Dálaigh
Producer: Beccy Fitzpatrick

Performers: Atalia Branzburg, Colin Condon, John Doran, Louise Ginnane, Dagmara Jerzak, Sarah Kinlen, Rob McDermott, Pat Morris, Maureen Murray, Siofra O'Meara, Ben Sullivan, Cara Christie, Andrea Cleary, Niamh Denyer, Denise Geraghty, Eleanor Walsh, Lola White, Eric O'Brien, Conor Donelan

Ensemble: Meiron Bignall, Kate Bodner, Mary Conroy, Aisling Flynn, Rebecca Kelly, Claudia Kinahan, Michael Kunze, Maria De La Paz Lopez, Jennifer Meade, Milenka Salinas, Yvonne Stewart, Isha Van Der Burg, Stephen Quinn

Photography: Luca Truffarelli
Production and Stage Manager: Caoimhe Regan
Technical Assistant: Hannah Reid

Dusk Ahead

Exploring blindness and invisibility, 'Dusk Ahead' shows the murky fading light of dusk when it is difficult to discern what is real and what is imagined. Dusk is the hour between dog and wolf, from domestic to wild. The cast of international and Irish performers also act as the band, playing live music throughout the piece.

Creation and Choreography: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy

Set and Costume Design: Sabine Dargent
Sound Composition & Design: Denis Clohessy
Lighting Design: Sarah Jane Shiels
Performers: Justine Cooper, Miguel do Vale, Ramona Nagabczynski, Ryan O’Neill, Jaiotz Osa
Musician: Lioba Petrie (Irish Tour 2015), Egil Rostrad (NYC 2015), Zoe Reardon (Kilkenny+Dublin Theatre Festivals 2013)
Photography: Fionn McCann, Luca Truffarelli

Cross-border Irish Tour
November 2015

La MaMa Moves Festival and Irish Arts Centre, New York City
May 21 -24, 2015

Dublin Theatre Festival 2013 at Project Arts Centre Upstairs October 1 - 6th

Kilkenny Arts Festival 2013 at The Watergate Theatre August 10, 11 + 12th
The Falling Song

‘An elegant simplicity permeates their work… excellent cast of four male dancers’ The Irish Times

‘Perfectly executed… adrenalin pumping and unsettling… marvelous’ Irish Theatre Magazine

So quickly wings can be replaced by crutches. Male physicality is pushed to the extremities to explore self-destruction, invincibility and failure. Performed by an international all male cast and a live children’s choir, The Falling Song looks at the nature of flying and falling and the dangerous relationship between the two.

Creation and Choreography: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy

Performers: Omar Gordon, Carl Harrison, Eddie Kay, Jesse Kovarsky
Musician: George Higgs

Visual Design: Aedín Cosgrove
Sound Composition/Design: Denis Clohessy Costume Design: Emma Downey

Choirs: Ballyholme Primary School directed by Rosemary Smyth (Belfast); Piccolo Lasso directed by Ite O’Donovan (Dublin)
Producer: Richard Wakely
Photography: Fionn McCann
Video and Production Photography: Kilian Waters

UK and Irish Tours 2014
see Touring or www.thefallingsong.co.uk

Belfast Festival 2012, The MAC, October 24th, 25th 2012

World premier Dublin Dance Festival 2012, Project Arts Centre, May 18th, 19th & 20th
Sometimes We Break
2015/Tate London Commission 2012

After a residency in Tate London, Junk Ensemble created a dance performance installation in Tate Britain. Moving through different areas of the gallery with live music and dance punctuating the space, Junk Ensemble explored the ideas of parts to a whole, interruptions, missing parts and blank white spaces.

Creation: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy

Original Performers: Delphine Gaborit, Carl Harrison, Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy
Mind Your Step Performers: Justine Cooper, Carl Harrison, Jessica Kennedy, Tom Lane

Composition and live music: Tom Lane

Original Design: Jo Timmins, Valerie Reid
Mind Your Step Design: Lian Bell

Photography: Luca Truffarelli

Tate Early Years Curator: Katy Fitzpatrick

Originally commissioned and performed at Tate Britain, February 2012
Mind Your Step Festival, Dublin 2015
Bird With Boy
Conceived and created by: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy, Jo Timmins

A dance installation made from birds, boys and snow. Bird With Boy is a piece about things that end before they should. The work is a collaboration with Jo Timmins and has been presented in a crumbling house and in the basement of Kilmainham Gaol. The piece unravels with fractured stories, moving images and live music.

***** ‘Beautiful, delicate, superb; you'd be lucky to see it.' The Sunday Times

***** 'Unsettling, raw and even beautiful...Heartbreaking.' The Irish Times

Performers: Dean Andrews, Jasper Cahill, Justine Cooper, Michael Gillick, Fionn Dwyer-Hyland, Eddie Kay, Tom Kellegher, Fionn McNeill, Liv O’Donoghue

Visual design: Valerie Reid
Assistant Visual design: Dave Fagan

Musicians/Sound Composition: Tom Lane, Bryan O’Connell

Costume design: Emma Downey

Lighting Design (Henrietta St): Sinead Wallace

Producer: Richard Wakely

Photography: Jamie Tanner, Luca Truffarelli, Kilian Waters

Dublin Theatre Festival 2012, 12 Henrietta Street

Dublin Fringe Festival 2011, Kilmainham Gaol
Five Ways to Drown
Choreography and creation: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy.

The living room strewn on the front garden for all to see.

Five Ways to Drown looks at the interior of people's lives and exposes the sadness, the absurdity and the banality through vignettes of dance and installation. In this public display of the private, the choreography of everyday life becomes extraordinary.

'Five Ways to Drown introduces us to a slice of beige family life, where the dull feeling of futility constantly gnaws on the soul'
The Irish Times

'Mesmerising. Genius. Fantastically liberating'
The View

Performers (2012): Joshua Dyson, Eddie Kay, Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy, Ingrid Nachstern

Performers (2010): Lee Clayden, Joshua Dyson, Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy, Mary O'Connor

Set+Lighting design: Aedin Cosgrove
Sound Composition/design: Denis Clohessy
Costume design: Catherine Fay, Emma Downey
Audio Visual design: Kilian Waters
Producer: Richard Wakely

National Tour 2012
World Premier at Dublin Dance Festival 2010
Pygmalian Re-Visited

Working closely with two architects, Megan and Jessica Kennedy created 'Pygmalian Re-Visited' in one week. The new dance work was based on the story of Pygmalian. The outdoor space was designed specifically by the architects for the piece, using shadows and mirroring to reflect the essence of the story.

Created and performed by: Jessica Kennedy and Megan Kennedy

Commissioned by Une Nuit Sans Opera Festival, Aix en Provence
Drinking Dust

Drinking Dust is a haunting dance theatre piece that pulls back the cracked memories and forgotten people. It is a broken story.

'Junk Ensemble revel in transience and cracked memories. In Drinking Dust, they've harmonised a collection of images - still and moving - that gradually string threadbare connections between characters'
The Irish Times *****

'Twins Megan and Jessica Kennedy bring incredible vision to the work, creating a fantastical, slightly eerie yet heartfelt and moving atmosphere. Impressive'
The Irish Herald

Created by: Feidlim Cannon, Gary Keegan, Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy

Visual Design: Lian Bell
Lighting Design: Sinead Wallace
Sound Design/Composition: Alexis Nealon
Performers: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy, Juno Kostick, Daniel Reardon
Producer: Cian O'Brien

International Tour 2009

Premiered at Dublin Fringe Festival 2008, Old Boys School, Smock Alley Theatre
The Rain Party

The Rain Party in association with Project Arts Centre.

A party in the rain. Watch identical twins dance in puddles and goldfish swim in bowls while you wear our wellies. Remembering a drowning and a forgotten dance, The Rain Party explores goldfish memory and memory disorders.

Created by: Jessica Kenedy, Megan Kennedy, Jo Timmins.
Sound Composition: Matt Elliott
Performers: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy

'An unconventional performance that's definitely worth getting wet for'
The Metro ****

Germany and National Tour 2008
Project Arts Centre Commission 2007
Dublin Fringe Festival 2007
Circus Freak

Identical twins perform bizarre stories from the traveling carnival, investigating the glittery façade of circus performers. Circus Freak journeys into the eerie exotic world of freak performers and melancholic clowns.

Choreographed and performed by: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy
Lighting design: Paul Keogan
Mentored by: Liz Roche
Music: Aphex Twin, Tom Waits.

'They have guts and ingenuity' The Irish Times

Dublin Fringe Festival 2005, Project Arts Centre
Watch Her Disappear

Using dance, music and theatre, Watch Her Disappear shows short scenes of schizophrenia represented by identical twin sisters. Facets of the subconscious are glimpsed as the duet dips into the mind of a schizophrenic and our inevitable battle of self.

‘Witty yet powerful, expertly handled by the performers.’ The Scotsman

Choreographed and performed by:
Megan Kennedy, Jessica Kennedy
Original composition by Matt Elliott
Additional music: A Silver Mount Zion, Death in Vegas, Tom Waits

Dublin Fringe Festival 2004, SFX Theatre