It Folds Review ****

12 September 2015

Stephanie Kelly


Brokentalkers and Junk Ensemble’s most recent collaboration entitled, It Folds offers an extraordinarily unique fusion of eccentric theatricality and distinctive dance style, emblematic of their respective performers. As Junk Ensemble reflects on the collaboration, ‘we are kindred souls with the type of work that we want to make and want to see,’ a sentiment which is echoed on stage and captured by how well both collectives inform and complement one another. Thematically, the show is harrowing, albeit the plot line is difficult to categorize or even decipher within the first ten minutes or more, but it is soon revealed that the piece captures a hard-hitting and powerful narrative based on familial trauma and death. The narrative is interspersed with unconventionally light-hearted, imaginative, and comedic modes of performance, accomplished primarily through their use of odd and quirky costuming; expect make-shift ghosts, horses and much more, that will incite laughter and raise many questions.