THE IRISH TIMES - September 13 2008

Drinking Dust *****
Old Boys School, Smock Alley, Dublin Fringe Festival

Choreographers live with the ephemeral all the time - now you see it, now you don't - but Megan and Jessica Kennedy of Junk Ensemble revel in transience and cracked memories. In Drinking Dust, they've collaborated with Brokentalkers and together harmonised a collection of images - still and moving - that gradually string threadbare connections between characters.

Birthday cakes, family stories and father-daughter dancing reveal the background to the action, but they also conceal the truth because of our unreliable memories. Rather than dusting off these reminiscences, the creators leave them untouched and unmediated, letting the audience piece together the familial narrative.

Lean in material, Drinking Dust is a work that is confident with its slim choices, and gradually winds up to a dust-strewn finale that provides an emotional resolution, even if many questions still remain.